Rhodes Minnis Methodist Chapel


Frequently called the Chapel in the Fields by locals, it stands next to the newer village hall in Chapel Lane in open country, a little to the east of the village centre.The Chapel was built in 1888 as a Bible Christian Chapel.
It is unknown when it became a Methodist one but services have continued to be held over the years each Sunday. 

As this is the only church in the village, the small congregation tends to include people from a variety of denominations.
  Additionally, it attracts visitors from other churches from time to time and especially from the nearby caravan sites and the holiday complex at Sibton Park.
After much fund raising and effort, a new rear extension was built in 2008 which acts both as a vestry and a small social room when tea and coffee are shared after services which makes the entire building an attractive place to be.  Lyminge Parish Council have used the Chapel from time to time for their meetings.
Rhodes Minnis Chapel has close links with the Elham and Lyminge Methodist churches and we are all led by our minister, the Reverend Kevin Taylor (but from September, 2021 by Reverend Gill Songer).  We quite frequently join together for our services in one or other of these churches under these close links.Services are held at 9.30am on Sundays but with the occasional one at 3pm (at harvest festival and Chapel Anniversary). The local Lyminge newsletter gives the details each month.

Two Christian groups, the Caravanners & Campers Christian Fellowship (inter-denominational) and the Baptist Caravan Fellowship have held rallies at the Fir Tree Farm caravan site.  Each time they come they swell the congregation with their numbers, which can be anything up to 30 people, and they take part by reading passages of scripture and playing the organ. 
You can be assured of a very warm welcome in this lovely small countryside Chapel.
Covid-19 has substantially affected our activity but a limited number of services recommenced in the Spring 2021 while applying all Government Guidelines for our safety.  Services are held at present on the 2nd Sunday in the month but additionally, a shorter congregation led service is frequently held on the 4th Sunday in the month(Contacts are Chris Tutton on 01303 862281 or Daphne Andrews on 01303 862865)

Chapel service Summer 2021Chapel Service